Rectangle Roll Labels

Rectangle Roll Labels

Custom rectangle full-color roll labels. Permanent adhesive applies easily to a variety of surfaces, such as bottles, jars, packaging, and boxes.


- Bright Silver Metallic: 2mil, excellent tear strength and opacity, heat and chemical resistant, suitable for application on a variety of surfaces, white ink available for 5th color, indoor use only.

- Clear BOPP: 2.3mil, Glossy Clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, permanent adhesive, oil and water resistant, white ink available for 5th color, indoor use only.

- 70lb Eggshell Felt: 6.3mil, textured, high opacity and excellent ink holdout, contains 30% post consumer waste content making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly applications, manufactured with wet strength properties to increase performance in moist environments, indoor use only.

- Semi Gloss Paper: 3.2mil, budget friendly solution that doesn't sacrifice quality for economy, has a permanent adhesive that sticks well to a variety of surfaces, not resistant to oil or water, indoor use only.

- White BOPP: 2.3mil, Glossy White Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, permanent adhesive, oil and water resistant, indoor use only.

Color: Printed full color on one side (4/0). Optional white as 5th color on Bright Silver Metallic and Clear BOPP.

1) Choose your Product and Submit a Custom Quote Request

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3) Proofing and Production

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Examine the proof very carefully for accuracy. Once a proof has been approved, the job will move into production. Please note that once a job moves to production, it can no longer be cancelled.

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